Who Gets Nasal Polyps, Group of Risk Factors, Symptoms…

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“Who Gets Nasal Polyps”


The exact reason for nasal polyps is difficult to pinpoint. Their cause is a mystery. Nasal polyps come in different sizes.

Major reasons range from allergy, asthma, infection to cystic fibrosis. It transcends the boundaries of age and is not gender specific. There is swelling or inflammation of nose lining or sinuses.

Where do they appear?

Nasal polyps develop in the sinuses or in the nasal passages. Sinuses around eyes, nose and cheekbones are the most affected.


Risk factors for nasal polyps

One should be aware of the risk factors. Those who dwell around these risk zones should make clear note.

Some of the factors that increases the probability of developing nasal polyps are –

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Patients with chronic sinusitis are also considered in the group of risk factors.

  • Patients with chronic sinusitis are prone to develop nasal polyps
  • Patients with medical condition where inflammation of the nose is recurrent can develop nasal polyps.
  • Individuals who are sensitive and allergic to aspirin, as well as other non steroid anti inflammatory drugs can develop nasal polyps.
  • Patients with asthma are the highest risk factor and the most susceptible groups to nasal polyps.
  • Patients already suffering from fungal sinusitis, rhinitis, hay fever or other infections are also at risk of developing nasal polyps.
  • Individuals suffering from cystic fibrosis are also at risk of developing nasal polyps.


It is a disease that disrupts the salt balance of the body. Cystic fibrosis leaves the salt and the water on the outside of the cells resulting in thickening of the thin layer of mucus. The mucus line becomes sticky, and susceptible to germs and infections. The mucus coagulates as cough that does not get released easily, and as a result, it clogs the lungs.


Can you identify the persons from symptoms?nasal-polyps-symptoms

  • Let’s run through a set of symptoms
  • Running nose – the most common one.
  • Stress in the sinuses
  • Head-aches not very different to migraines
  • Sensitivity to fumes and scents
  • Sense of smell seems lost
  • Bouts of infections
  • snoring
  • Choked feeling in the nose
  • Pain and swelling in eye and face region


People with these symptoms may reflect condition of Nasal polyps.

Age and Genetics

Nasal polyps can develop in any person, irrespective of the age. However people going through mid life crisis or those who are 40 and above are more vulnerable.

Nasal polyps at young age are generally caused by cystic fibrosis. Generally kids under 10 rarely show symptoms of Nasal polyps.

Nasal polyps are impartial to either of the gender. But males exhibit this condition more than women.

Data reflects that males are twice more likely to suffer from Nasal polyps than women.

Genetics too have a bearing. Children whose parents developed nasal polyps are more likely to suffer from nasal polyps. The percentage of people and the risk factor for developing nasal polyps is greater in those whose parents already have contracted nasal polyp , when compared to individuals whose parents have never contracted nasal polyps.


developing nasal polyps


“Who Gets Nasal Polyps”


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