Are the White Patches on The Skin – Vitiligo?

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“White Patches on Skin – Vitiligo”


When people see patches of white on their skin several questions cross their mind. They are perplexed as to what it is, or why is there a white patch. Is it a disease or allergy? Is it contagious?

Let’s understand that white patches on skin are a disorder and it is called Vitiligo.

It happens when skin cells called melanocytes that produce pigment in the skin, are dead.

Melanocytes are responsible of producing this pigment that gives the skin its color.

If Melanocytes stop functioning, there is no pigment, which means no color or white patch on the skin.

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There is no cure for it. Its treatment cannot remove white patches. The affect is life-long. Various treatments can only lighten the appearance of the patches.


Common reasons for Vitiligo

Vitiligo is generally an effect of autoimmune disorder.

Autoimmune disorder is a condition when overactive immune system starts destroying the melanocytes which are responsible for producing the pigment that gives the skin its color.


Other causes could be stress, overexposure to sun. These too can lead to white patches on the skin or Vitiligo.


Exposure to certain chemicals can also cause Vitiligo. The silver lining is that the disorder is not contagious.


Types of Vitiligo

There are two types of Vitiligo – Non segmental and segmental.


Non segmental is the more general type of Vitiligo. It constitutes 90% of all the cases.


In non segmental Vitiligo, the patches appear in body parts exposed to sun. The patches are more alike.


In Segmental Vitiligo, patches are asymmetrical unlike non segmental Vitiligo and they spread rapidly.

Even then it is steady and constant.

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Treatment for Vitiligo

Two ways are the most prominent. Both aid in lightening the appearance of the patches.

One of them is ultraviolet light.


The first method includes Phototherapy with UVB light. It is the simple and cost effective treatment. The skin is exposed to lamps and can be done at home.

Affected areas are exposed to UVB light once a day, when done at home.

In clinics the therapy is taken thrice in a week.


Phototherapy with UVB light can be done in home, when the affected area is small in size.

If the affected areas of your body are vast, then therapy in a hospital is preferred.

It is repeated that the therapy does not cure Vitiligo thoroughly. It merely lightens the appearance of the white patches.


The second preferred method is Phototherapy with UVA light. This is generally used in hospitals or clinics to treat Vitiligo.

Those who take UVA light therapy have to take drugs like psoralen to cope up with effects of therapy.

The results take six months to show effect. But the therapy should be continued for full year. Exposure to UVA light should be twice per week.


Thus Phototherapy with UVB light and UVA light are the most sort therapy for Vitiligo.

The treatment is not a permanent cure. It merely lightens the appearance of the white patches.

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“White Patches on Skin – Vitiligo”

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