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What is VitiligoWhat-is-Vitiligo


Vitilgo, are white spots and patches that can appear on any side and part of the body. It is a skin disorder. They can appear on the hair and the skin also.

It is caused when normal pigmentation stops due to numerous factors. They involve damage of the pigment cells. Skin cells that produce pigment are dead. As they stop functioning, they no longer produce melanin or pigment in the skin. This leads to appearance of white patches on the skin.

There are various causes for Vitiligo, all which lead to damage of the melanocytes or the skin cells that produce pigment.


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Causes for Vitiligo

The grounds for Vitiligo are unknown and mysterious.

This disorder is a reaction to autoimmune disease. It is a condition where autoimmune system, starts destroying the melanocytes. In some cases genes are linked to Vitiligo.

Someone, whose family history includes this disorder, is in high risk zone.

There are different theories associated with Vitiligo. Few believe that the melanocytes destroy themselves, while some theories suggest that stressful incident, emotional anguish or similar conditions can cause Vitiligo.


High Risk Groups

Latest statistics indicate that, roughly 2 million people suffer with Vitiligo in the United States. What is alarming is that in majority of the cases, people develop this ailment before they turn forty years of age.

It is prevalent in all races and affects both genders.


People suffering form diseases such as hyperthyroidism fit in the high risk groups. People suffering from other autoimmune diseases are also more susceptible to developing Vitiligo.

Symptoms of Vitiligo

The early signs of Vitilgo are white patches on the skin. They are common in the areas that are over exposed to the sun like the hands and arms, feet and face. They can occur on any part of the body.


Other parts of the body are eyes, the nostrils, around the mouth, the navel and the genitals.

It is said that Vitilgo can also cause early graying of the hair, beard even eyebrows and eyelashes.

People who have dark skin will perceive a loss of color around their mouths.


Once the white patches appear, they rarely spread to other parts of the body.

But in some cases the disorder might spread to other parts of the body.


“What is Vitiligo”

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Treatments for Vitiligo

There are various treatments that people choose when detected with Vitiligo.

There are three kind of treatment

  • Medical,
  • Surgical and
  • Other natural and home remedies.


During medical treatments, people can opt for either medicines or oral medicaments; ultraviolet treatment or steroid cream.

The surgical methods include skin grafts from own tissues or tattooing of small areas of the skin.

There are galaxy of home and natural remedies that have proved to be effective.

Having said so, the most common way to cope Vitiligo is to use sun screen before stepping out of the house. In fact it should be applied even when at home. The sunscreen with factor of minimum 30 helps in decreasing the symptoms of the disorder.

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