What Are Nasal Polyps (( Want You To Know! ))

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What Are Nasal Polyps?

Like any organ even a nose has a lining. There can be soft growths on the nose lining or lining of sinuses. They are generally benign. Nasal polyps are thus swollen mucosa.What-are-nasal-polyps They are associated with infections both viral and bacterial. They can block air passage and make breathing difficult.

Thus it is important to say the goodbye. The swelling are fleshy.

Nasal polyps come in different shape and size. Minute ones are imperceptible and cause less discomfort. Large ones can block air passage and make breathing difficult.

They have their palette too yellow, brown, and pinkish. They may look like tear or ink drop, or a fruit. Nasal polyps growing in a cluster look like bunch of grapes.


Nasal polyps- Diagnosis

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The early symptoms are running nose, nostril inflammation, puffed eyes, difficulty in breathing. Once symptoms feature, contact a doctor for accurate diagnosis.


Methods of diagnosis of your nasal polyps are:

– Endoscopy. Endoscope is a tube with a small camera at the end, to record everything in the nose, including nasal polyps. It is inserted in the nostrils.


– Computer tomography scan can be resorted to but as a last option, since it emits radiation.


– Skin prick allergy test – Small drops of agents that cause allergies are pricked into the upper back or on the forearm. If symptoms of allergy surface after 15 minutes, the test is considered positive for nasal polyps.


– Cystic fibrosis – It is performed for young children. The test registers the amount of chloride and sodium in the sweat of the child.


book_cover Preclusion And Precaution

Prevention is better than cure. Same thing applies for nasal polyps.

Let’s explore the many ways to prevent nasal polyps.


The stronger the immune system, less are the chances of developing infections like cold, flu, sinus or respiratory infections. Therefore build your immune system.


A good idea to prevent nasal polyps is to get lots and lots of sleep. The body which rests can wrestle infections and other ailments.

Up to eight hours of sleep each day is recommended. Naps too are not a bad idea.

Now let’s turn our attention to nutrition. You are what you eat- as the saying goes. A well balanced diet provides all nourishment that boosts immune system and the mood. A cheerful disposition helps to ward of diseases. The recommended diet includes grains, vegetables and fruits, proteins and dairy. Half of the grains should be whole wheat. Dairy should be 2 to 3 cups of skimmed milk.


Exercise is another trick in the basket to boost the immune system.

The recommended levels are 60 minutes medium to vigorous regime per day.

Exercise boosts the metabolism, and other maintains health hormone system.

Both cardio and strength exercises are important.


Keep getting your vitamin C dosage. Choose the natural way – oranges, citrus fruits, dash of lemon. 500 or 1000 mg per day is recommended. They provide antioxidants that prevent weakening of immune system.

Therefore daily perseverance will go a long way to prevent any kind of infection including nasal polyps.

Stay Healthy!
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What Are Nasal Polyps?





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