How to Combat Social Anxiety Disorder

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“Social Anxiety Disorder” behavioural-aspects

Those who have suffered from social anxiety disorder will tell you how devastating and unbearable it can be. In severe cases it can overwhelm the life of person. They shun social situations which they fear may trigger their anxiety.

These situations can range from public speaking to meeting new people. Public speaking is something which causes many of us to feel anxious.

In a nutshell social anxiety disorder is an illogical fear of few or almost all social situations that revolve around interaction with other people. Those suffering from social anxiety disorder have a deep fear that their interaction is going to embarrass them in front of others.

It is not simple shyness or occasional bout of nerves. It is something much deeper than that. Those feeling this anxiety will do anything to avoid social situations.

It generally involves experiencing irrational fear at the thought of getting involved in certain social situations. This is especially the case when the interacting people are unfamiliar or if the sufferer feels that he or she is being evaluated or watched in some parameters by others.   Most sufferers will maintain the anxiety just by repeatedly thinking about the situation. They exhibit symptoms ranging from shortness of breath, upset stomach, blushing, nausea and even excessive sweating.

It is not true that nothing can be done to combat social anxiety disorder. There are ways to tackle it. One way is to change your thinking and other method includes use of relaxation techniques to help calm us down.

One of the most useful methods is to confront your negative thoughts, with the help of therapy or by questioning yourself.

First be aware of the negative thoughts and try not to get involved in it. Awareness will help to identify your repeated negative thoughts about a traumatic social situation. Awareness technique helps to slow down the thought process. Only then can you replacing them with more realistic, positive thoughts.

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You don’t have to be a mind reader. What you think others are thinking about you, are just thoughts. They are just assumptions. You might be having a negative image about yourself but that does not mean you assume that others too have the same negative image about you

A new way to combat your anxiety is to take the focus away from yourself. Concentrate more or be aware of the other people around your milieu.

Observe what they do, or say. Do not have to take responsibility for keeping the conversation going.

The best ways to combat social anxiety disorder is to squarely face your fears. Expose yourself to the situations that you find stressful by doing it for shorter durations.

These tips will help you to break the chains of your own thoughts. The fear is merely a projection of your own head and nothing too severe on the ground.


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