Are the Red Bumps on Your Legs? Keratosis Pilaris?

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“Red bumps on legs”

Red bumps on your legs ?? – have you been told that they are not rashes either from shaving or from heat?


Then it is most likely that you are suffering from symptoms of keratosis pilaris.

Usually the uneven, heaved red skin condition appears on the upper arms.

On the legs this hideous mark appears on the upper thighs. However they are harmless skin condition.

You may wish to know as to how to determine if the red bumps on your legs are keratosis pilaris?

One way is to visit your doctor and get a diagnosis done.

However there are specific pointers that can highlight whether the condition is, keratosis pilaris.

The most prominent factor is, if either or both of your parents have been afflicted from uneven, heaved red skin condition and lumps, then it might be keratosis pilaris.

Yes, the condition of keratosis pilaris is hereditary.

You have fifty percent chances of suffering this skin condition even if just one parent has been afflicted with keratosis pilaris.

If you’re female, you have higher chances of suffering this skin condition than males.

Pregnancy can make the condition worse too as has been observed.

This condition of keratosis pilaris seems to affect Teenagers most specially during the time of puberty.

Even if condition of keratosis pilaris set in during your childhood, you feel see it become prominent during your adolescent years.

The silver lining is that it is going to get better as you age. But few people may still suffer outbreaks of spots in their forties, and in their fifties.

But old sufferers are uncommon, as condition of keratosis pilaris disappears completely once the fifty milestone of your age is crossed.

If you’re of Celtic origin you are very vulnerable to the appearance of red spots on your arms and legs.

If you have fair skin or light, reddish hair the chances of having red spots on your arms and legs are much higher.

Red spots on your arms and legs become lighter during the summer, but they deteriorate in winter months, or in dry conditions.

Thus the skin should be well moisturized at all times. This can indirectly aid in reducing the occurrence of the spots.

If you see red bumps on your legs, it is most likely that you’re also suffering signs of keratosis pilaris on your upper arms and buttocks.

The bumps are result of the keratin which blocks the hair follicles

Though no cure has been determined, exfoliation and moisturising the area have been considered effective.

Keep your skin moisturized and understand the signs of keratosis pilaris.

keratosis pilaris results

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“Red bumps on legs”

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