Are the Red Bumps on Your Arms, Keratosis Pilaris ?

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“Red bumps on your arms Keratosis Pilaris”

chicken-skinHave you read about the skin condition keratosis pilaris?
It is a harmless skin condition affecting teenagers and young adults.
Those who are affected by it witness uneven, slightly heaved red bumps on the skin of their upper arms. It may affect other parts of the body too.

They are usually not painful, but they are prickly and itchy.
Those who are affected by it are anxious about their hideous appearance. If you have red bumps on your upper arms, it may be signs of keratosis pilaris. So do you want to know if the red bumps on your upper arms are keratosis pilaris? Keep reading

It is a hereditary condition, and you’re likely to suffer from keratosis pilaris if someone in your family history has suffered from it.

If one parent has it, there are 50 percent changes of you inheriting the condition. It usually sets in, during childhood. It deteriorates as you step into puberty. But it can, affect people of all ages.

If you have crossed the 19 milestone of are, and you are still afflicted with red bumps on your upper arms, it can be keratosis pilaris.

Its occurrence is witnessed more in females than males.
People who are already have dry skin conditions of ichthyosis and eczema are also likely to suffer from keratosis pilaris. It is a global phenomena but one of Celtic origin is more vulnerable to this condition of keratosis pilaris. To sum it, if you’re a teenage and a female and have Celtic origin and have a parent who also suffered this condition then your red bumps are more likely to be signs of keratosis pilaris.
This condition can also occur on other areas of the body too.

Although red bumps on the upper arms are the most prominent form of keratosis pilaris, its signs can be seen in fronts of the thighs and the buttocks. While those who are afflicted can experience a rash on their forearms and upper back, in rare but extreme cases, signs of keratosis pilaris can show itself on the eyebrows, face and scalp, or the entire body.

  • Three kinds of keratosis pilaris have been mentioned
    keratosis pilaris rubra – red inflamed bumps;
    keratosis pilaris alba – uneven heaved skin but with no inflammation, and
    keratosis pilaris rubra faceii – a reddish rash on the cheeks.
    If you feel you may be showing signs of keratosis pilaris, do not be anxious. Visit your physician for consultation.

Hope now you can understand the symptoms of keratosis pilaris and guide your friends too.


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