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Is blushing charming or is blushing the blight of your life? Blushing is ubiquitous and natural. Some blush more than others. What happens when you blush? Your body feels constricted and heat rises up to your face.

There is a powerful emotional response to an external stimulus which causes the flow of blood to increase in the face region. The face region contains more blood vessels than other parts of your body. Thus the face looks very red and gets heated up. The feelings completely overwhelm you.


There are many who blush at the smallest little thing. If you are one of them then there are natural cures for blushing which you can try to overcome this problem.


One method of stopping blushes is to relax. Seems simple but it works wonder. Once your face becomes hot and red, try think about calmer aspects. Close your eyes completely or partially and take conscious deep breaths. Relax the muscles of face, neck and shoulders. Try some neck and shoulders rotation exercises.

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This will calm the heart rate less amount of blood will gush to your face.


Another natural cure for blushing is to imagine ‘cold’ related thoughts. You can imagine being in arctic or Antarctic, dive in the lake, or imagine cool shower on your heated face. Any other image can be chosen as per your inclination. Feel the ice on your body.


You will feel that the skin instinctively constricts and the heat of your face appears to dispel.


You can make a cold compress by soaking a cloth in cold water and apply it on your face. But this is not possible at all times or places.


A useful way to stop blushing is to make light of it. Take blushing in your stride and you can laugh it out when in company. This will depend on the context. Studies have proved that publicly acknowledging the fact that certain situation is making you blush, makes it acceptable to people around.


Blushing gets worse by your anxiety as to what people might think or react.

By drawing attention to your face and laughing it off, it will lighten the situation. No one will think of it in a negative way.


If you think repeatedly about blushing, thinks will become worse. Just ignore it.

Repeated thoughts will only make it permanent. May be others are not noticing it at all, or they may not be considering it anything as abnormal.


Many people consider blushing as charming. Studies show that people who blush are able to foster better relationships and are highly trusted.


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“Natural cure for blushing”


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