Nasal Polyps Treatment – Let’s Say goodbye to Nasal Polyps!

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“Nasal Polyps Treatment”

nasal-polyps-treatmentIf you thought running nose, sneezing, dry nose is all that happens to a nose, then you are missing something. Yes, Nasal polyps are also a condition related to your high Nose.

Like any organ even a nose has a lining. There can be soft growths on the nose lining or lining of sinuses. They are generally benign. Nasal polyps are thus swollen mucosa. They are associated with infections both viral and bacterial. They can block air passage and make breathing difficult.

Thus it is important to say the goodbye.

Let’s treat nasal polyps!


Well you must be wondering how?

The first thought that must have come to your mind is surgery. No, No it need not be stretched that far. Let’s explore few home remedies that are natural and easy. They can be tried standalone or with other medication. Nevertheless they are effective, provided we are patient.

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Home Remedies for Nasal Polyps Treatment


Yes, household name and household item. It is highly recommended to cure nasal polyps. It is very effectual.

Garlic has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties.

Yes, I know its smell. But that is offset by its benefits.


Garlic can be chopped or crushed. 1 teaspoon of crushed garlic can be taken with water. This can be taken twice a day. After few days you will notice that it is easier to breathe.


Tea tree oilTea tree oil

Tea tree oil also aids in dissolving nasal polyps. Take a cotton bud.

The bud is to be dipped in tea tree oil. Then the bud is to be placed in each nostril and squeezed to release the oil drops so that they reach the polyps. Then take deep breath and inhale.





Consumption of fresh dandelion is also known to reduce the nasal polyps.

Dandelion is rich in vitamin C. thus it is considered to reduce size of polyps and unclogs blockage in air passage.





OrangesVitamin C reminds me of oranges. Oranges too helps to reduce size of polyps and relieve blockage in air passage. Oranges also boost immune system that prevents further attack of infections.

So savor two to three oranges every day.


Steroids and medicaments

For the Nasal Polyps Treatment Many people use Steroids to fight nasal polyps. There are two ways to use steroids for getting rid of nasal polyps.


One of them is using steroids sprays. It is used by many to avoid surgery. It helps to reduce size of polyps, and many a times it can make polyps vanish thoroughly. It can be bought over the counter but one should always use a doctor’s prescription.


The second way is use of steroids as nasal drops. This too is effective is contracting the polyps.

Most preferred way is Steroid nasal drops. It is less cumbersome. As the nasal polyps shrink, breathing becomes easy. The first duration of usage is about 2 weeks. Once the symptoms are relieved, it should be used for next six months. This will prevent relapse of the benign soft growths.

So treat nasal polyps Whether you prefer natural therapy, or nasal drops, you can conquer nasal polyps without surgery.

The important thing to know is to use of steroids may have side effects, resulting in chronic inflammation and lead to a deficient immune system.

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“Nasal Polyps Treatment”

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