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“Nasal polyps removal”nasal-polyps-removal

Nasal polyps are soft growths on the nose lining or lining of sinuses. They are generally benign. Nasal polyps are thus swollen mucosa. They are associated with infections both viral and bacterial. They can block air passage and make breathing difficult.

Thus it is important to say the goodbye.

Treatment of nasal polyps includes natural home remedies and steroids. Surgery is resorted to in extreme case.

Nasal polyps removal can stretch to weeks. Patients have to use steroid spray for months to prevent relapse. Despite symptoms being relieved, the infection can persist therefore the treatment period should never be curtailed.

Related developments are asthma, sinus infection, and hay fever.


Home spray

Well readymade steroid nasal spray is available on the shelves on also on net. However nasal spray can be made at home. They are as effective as steroid sprays.

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Take 30% of DMSO. Put it in a bottle that has a spray.

Or soak cotton wool in 30% of DMSO and coat or dap it against the swelled lining of the nose.

This solution can be used as nasal drops. Soak cotton wool in 30% of DMSO and squeeze it into the nostrils. Do it in both even if one nostril is affected.

The solution can be used as drop or coating. It causes burning sensation and the patient feels it for couple of minutes. After about fifteen minutes the stuffiness eases. Lots of mucus is released. Take a practitioner’s advice regarding the dosage.



Did you know medicaments can be taken orally for cure of nasal polyps?

Prednisone is one such medicament. It is oral corticosteroid. Doctor’s prescription is a requisite for this medicament.

Prednisone is very effective to relieve inflammation in the nostrils.

Size of inflammation is directly proportionate to size of the polyps. Over time as inflammation starts to shrink the polyps become smaller and gradually healed.

The recommendation for use the steroid for is about a week. The doctor has the final word on the dosage and duration of the oral medicaments. The size of the polyps is the main consideration.


Surgery – Oh My God! – Last resort

If all the above mentioned methods fail to yield result then, the final destination is surgery.

The major tool is endoscope. Eerie isn’t it.

The endoscope is a tube with light and video camera. It is passed through the nostril. It helps surgeons to find the polyps. Do not worry the procedure is executed under general anesthesia.

A300x250The endoscopic sinus surgery is the last station but it is rarely resorted to.

In majority of cases home remedy, steroids and medicaments work successfully.

But finally, Steroids, such as tablets, creams and sprays failed to resolve the cause of nasal polyps, and also leads to a weakened immune system, resulting in chronic inflammation and asthma.


The best way to cure nasal polyps is a natural treatment. You can click here to see details for the treatment nasal polyps that are most acceptable.

Feel the difference, as you unclog the air passage and breathe easily after trying the above mentioned methods.

“Nasal polyps removal”

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