Symptoms and Nasal Polyps Causes

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Nasal Polyps Causes

Nasal polyps are also a condition related to your high Nose. It is troublesome, irritating, and makes you restless. Their cause is a mystery. The exact reason for nasal polyps is difficult to pinpoint. Nasal polyps come in different sizes. Small ones are less troublesome.nasal-polyps-causes
Large ones can block air passage and make breathing difficult. It requires treatment where medication may last for many weeks.

Common causes of nasal polyps.

As mentioned the exact reason for nasal polyps is difficult to highlight but generally found reason can be sited.
Allergy – popularly known reason is allergy. It could be caused due to scents, dust, pollens, and particles floating in air. The spectrum of allergy itself is expansive. Identifying a particular aspect is like looking for a pin in haystack.

Cystic fibrosis – this is another cause for nasal polyps. It is not very common. However physicians find it quite often.Asthma takes the largest slice of pie of causes for nasal polyps specifically the non allergic one.Also note nasal polyps have no connection with uterine or colonic polyps.Though nasal polyps indicate nose, it can be triggered without allergy or respiratory factors.


Symptoms of nasal polyps:

Small nasal polyps are mostly not visible, and are not troublesome. But same cannot be said of big ones. They block air passage and make breathing difficult. Small ones can develop into large ones. If not treated Nasal polyps will last for weeks and can lead one to go for difficult and unpleasant treatment like surgery, endoscopy. It involves inflammation in the nasal or sinus lining.

The initial symptoms of the nasal polyps are no different to the symptoms of the common cold running nose, difficulty in breathing.


Let’s run through a set of symptoms

– Running nose – the most common one.
– Stress in the sinuses
– Head-aches not very different to migraines
– Sensitivity to fumes and scents
– Sense of smell seems lost
– Bouts of infections
– Snoring
Choked feeling in the nose
– Pain and swelling in eye and face region
– Unable to breathe properly. One tends to inhale from the nose and exhale from the mouth.

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In few cases, patients with nasal polyps are allergic to aspirin. This is however not so common.


When to Consult a physician – When you notice the symptoms, you have two choices.
Start with home remedies or get an appointment with the doctor.
But physician should always be consulted even if you take home treatment.

Medication can be bought over the counter from local pharmacy.

In serious cases visit to doctor is highly advised. Here are the symptoms when medical assistance should be sort.

– Double vision, or reduced vision. Inability to move the eyes
– Aggravation of the existing symptoms
– Trouble in breathing, breathlessness
– Swelling and pain in the area around the eyes
– Headaches, migraines and fever. During headaches one is unable to tip the head forward.

These descriptions will make any layman understand the symptoms and development of nasal polyps.
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