MSM Capsules – What Are the Benefits of MSM for You?


“MSM Capsules”

MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, may sound like a chemical compound that you find in fast food.

msm capsules benefits

In reality, the substance is naturally-occurring and can produce benefits in a wide variety of people. MSM can be found in abundance in the ocean and acts as food for plankton and some oceanic bacteria. These tiny organisms reap the benefits of MSM’s restorative power, and humans can also enjoy these benefits with the supplemental use of MSM capsules.

Doctors, like Stanley Jacob of the Oregon Health Sciences University, have been studying the effects of MSM for years. One thing they noticed is that the natural sulfur in the compound can help mitigate a sulfur deficiency. This is likely the most obvious and immediate benefit of MSM tablets. If your doctor has indicated that you need more sulfur in your diet, then you may want to start an MSM supplement program.


Kala-Health-MSM-Capsules-0019-2Astounding MSM Benefits

Of course, MSM can do a lot more than simply curing a sulfur deficiency. In fact, Dr. Stanley Jacob’s research indicated that a lack of MSM in the body could result in the onset or the worsening of several autoimmune diseases. Some of these diseases include:

  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lupus

Clearly MSM capsules have the propensity for improving the lives of many people. In general, the MSM vitamin is used to combat smaller ailments like inflammation, skin or hair conditions, post-injury recovery time, and food intolerance, all of which can be caused by a deficiency of sulfur in your diet. With MSM pills added to your diet, you can practically feel brand new if you suffer from any of these symptoms.


Why Does the Body Need Sulfur?

Sulfur is extremely important for detoxification and fighting inflammatory diseases. Without sulfur, your body is at risk of high toxicity that can cause everything from an allergy attack to inflammation in your feet. Sulfur is also responsible for the creation of glutathione, one of the body’s primary antioxidants.

MSM is found naturally in the human body (and all vertebrates), but it can be depleted based on certain dietary habits. This can drastically lower the amount of sulfur in the body and leave you feeling the brunt of the low-sulfur toxicity.


Why You Need MSM

So, do you want to feel more energetic, reduce bone and joint pain, limit inflammation, and have clearer skin and fuller hair? You can do all that and more with MSM capsules. Considering that MSM is the third-largest organic compound produced in the human body, it’s clear why supplemental MSM would be important. MSM can also be found in a wide variety of cruciferous vegetables, dairy products, and meats. That being said, the level of MSM in these foods simply isn’t enough to adequately treat a sulfur deficiency.

MSM is also important for individuals who engage in strenuous workouts. Recovery time can be minimized with the introduction of MSM into your diet. Imagine never feeling sore again after a weight training routine. Of course, MSM can help just about anyone with a sulfur deficiency or even anyone who wants to feel more energetic and reduce their overall pain.





“MSM Capsules”




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