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Blushing is ubiquitous and natural. Some blush more than others. But blushing may have a negative impact on your life. You might start blushing at smallest things. Then you might be anxious to know how to stop blushing or to at least reduce its incidence.


We need to understand what is blushing and what causes blushing.


There is a powerful emotional response to an external stimulus. The face becomes red almost instinctively. The powerful emotional response causes the flow of blood to increase in the face region. The face region contains more blood vessels than other parts of your body. Thus the face looks very red and gets heated up.


Some people can blush for rhyme and no reason, while some blush due to some social circumstances. Some things or memory of some past incidents can make you blush. Therefore you would like to know the ways to stop blushing in situations which makes you go instinctively red.

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So let’s explore some ways to allay or stop blushing.


The most important thing is to relax. You need to learn a few relaxation methods. This helps to restore normal blood pressure thereby reducing the redness of your face.

Try to relax the muscles around your shoulders and neck. There are ways to release tension around shoulders and neck.


You can take deep breaths with awareness. You can bring awareness to nose area. The blood vessels will start relaxing. Try shoulder and neck rotation to release stress. Deep breaths are known to be great method for relaxation across all cultures around the world.


Do not be extra conscious about the fact that you are blushing. The more you think the more it will persist. May be others are not noticing it at all, or they may not be considering it anything as abnormal.


Take blushing in your stride and you can laugh it out when in company. Others may like this trait of yours and call you cute. Once you accept it, blushing may stop all in all. So make light of the situation.


Even imagination technique can work. You can imagine being in arctic or Antarctic, or cool shower on your heated face. Any other image can be chosen as per your inclination. This will help your face to cool. It will divert your mind. Blushing will stop bothering you or you might even stop blushing.



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“How to stop blushing”


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