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“How to stop being shy”


Shyness is ubiquitous. A child or woman may blush if spoken too. Each of us has felt shy at some point or the other. This is more particular when we are in untried situation.

While joining a new organization, culture, or job, this feeling of shyness is always there though in different intensities. Most of us are capable of managing this feeling of shyness. You could be one of them. But there is nothing to worry as there are various things you can do to stop being shy.

You can take a few deep breaths before entering the room.
You can learn a few techniques which will help you to relax.

You can relax muscles around shoulders, face and neck. You can close your eyes to recollect yourself. Watching nature or reading good thoughts are different ways chosen by different people to relax. You can choose your recipe by trial and error.


A most useful way to stop being shy is to get engaged in an activity.

You will less frequently turn your thoughts to what others are thinking of you.

For example, if you are at a party, offer to help with the food. At a meeting offer to work with presentations.

When someone is speaking to you, listen to what they have to say. Show interest in what they are saying even if it is something you are not really interested in. It is decent to give them your full attention. At the same time you will be relieved of the pressure and will stop being shy.

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If you have to start the conversation, keep it to simple things. Don’t meddle too much.

One feels shy because they think they need to know or behave others do. Accept variance in yourself and others. You need not talking all the time or doing as others to feel confident.

In order to make conversations begin, have a few subjects ready that you can talk about. Topics could range from weather, sports, profession. Only if the other person is comfortable ask them about their schooling, workplace or residence.

Listen to conversations around and depending on that you can discuss television, or celebrity.

With little patience you can adjust to topics that interest both parties.

Remember a lot of people in the room might be in the same situation as you. They may not seem as confident as they pretend to show. In fact those with loud body language are the ones to be feeling more insecure. People are looking for friendly person. So keep smiling and be friendly. A smile helps to create a rapport. Also learn to return a smile.

Smile your way through all shyness so that all shyness withdraws itself.


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“How to stop being shy”

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