How to Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder and Shyness



“How to Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder and Shyness”


You might be trying to stay away from social situations which make you feel uneasy. These are signs of social anxiety. You might be suffering from social anxiety. It is not merely shyness. It can overwhelm all aspects of communication in your life be it profession or relationship. It is important to manage it.

You need to know ways of overcoming social anxiety disorder and shyness.

Some people become anxious in almost all social situations.

Be it meeting new people or public speaking, people are uneasy being the centre of attention. They wish to avoid the limelight. This trait is seen as early as in school. You will find overtly shy people in pre- Montessori and it gets reflected in any social gathering. The guys would not ask a girl to dance, or children who will ask no questions nor participate in an activity. If you are one of those then you must be wondering what the way is out.

Escaping from a social situation may seem a logical solution, it may only matters complicated. You will miss whole palate of experiences in your life.

But all this fear is just a creation of mind. Only when you face it, will you realize it that there is nothing to worry. [Learn More…]

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This can be combated with baby steps. First be aware of what you are afraid of. You might be afraid that people will laugh at you specially if you make a mistake. You fear being publically embarrassed.

What you can do is imagine the worst thing that can happen. As you contemplate on it, you will realize that the outcome might not be as dreadful, or the fear is improbable.

Once you realise this, substitute those negative thoughts with a positive ones.

Imagine yourself doing everything sincerely and that everyone is pleased to see you.

The power of thought will surprise you. It can be your powerful tool.

In order to overcome social anxiety disorder and shyness relaxation techniques can be very beneficial.

Learn some deep breathing and meditation. Control of breath helps to calm down fears. It increases your awareness.

Admitting the fact that you are a bit nervous will help people around you to be more cordial and sensitive. In fact other people too will be in suffering from social anxiety disorder and shyness.

The most confident looking people feel shy and anxious too. But they have learned ways to manage it and keep it below the surface.

If you feel anxious that everyone are focussed on you, then shift your attention. Pay more attention to things happening around you. Think positive and relax to overcome social anxiety disorder and shyness.

Take life as it comes.


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How to stop shyness and social anxiety

There are many people who are averse to meeting new people or fear being evaluated by others in a gathering. You might be one of them. Then certainly you wish to know how to stop shyness and social anxiety.

Social anxiety can have devastating consequences, but there is a silver lining. There are ways you can combat the powerful feelings that you experience. By changing these feelings you can alter the way you think and act in different social situations.

Firstly squarely face any negative thoughts you are having about the situation.

Thoughts that are loaded in your mind can include things that can go wrong, or what might people be thinking of you. You think in terms of comparison and feel inferior in some context. Be aware of these thoughts. Try to STOP. They are just thoughts – reflection in the mind. It might not be reality.

Understand, face and analyse these negative thoughts. Then substitute them with something more positive.

Do not assume that other people are thinking the worst about you. In fact they themselves might be thinking on the same lines and are weary as to what others are thinking of them.

Think and imagine that everyone you meet is going to be happy to meet you.

They will be very interested in what you say.feel somewhat shy

It is a fact that not everyone you meet is going to like you, just as you might not like you’re everyone you meet.

But that should not deter you from sharing a few pleasantries and being polite.

If you feel anxious that everyone are concentrating on you, then change your focus. Pay more attention to things happening around you.


Listen to what others have to say and try to look fascinated about them. Learn to smile. A smile can help you feel more relaxed and will make others smile. The situation will turn away from being judgemental.


This will make you feel more positive and also help you to feel more comfortable in the situation.


In order to stop shyness and social anxiety you can attend social skills lesson or assertiveness course.

Once most of your issues can be identified and sorted, you will be capable of making better relationships with people.

A course in relaxation techniques will help increase your awareness and make you capable of handling demanding situations.

To stop shyness and social anxiety try the learnt skills in practicality. Accept people but also learn to assert yourself. There will be differences between you and others. Be confident in case you are judged.


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“How to Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder and Shyness”


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