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“How to get a Big Bum”

bigger buttocksHas the media and celebrities inspired you to get a big bum?


If you are thinking whether there is a way to get a bigger bum, then exercises is the most effective way to work on the shape and tone of your buttocks.

You are not the only one to be inspired. Women all around the world are caught by this trend.

Even Younger women are caught in this twister as against looking for a slim body. the trend for a curvaceous figure has set in from past few years.

The emergence of women with curvy body in the media over the past year has encouraged a change. Curves and a large buttock are now looked-for by many women.

Many are resorting to extreme measures of cosmetic surgery like implants to enlarge the size of the buttocks. But this is not a preferred way by majority. There are natural ways to getting a bigger bum.

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A right type of exercise regime can help to get a big bum without setting foot in either a gym or surgeon’s clinic. It can be done at home along with your daily routine.personal exercises

A flight of stairs is a common sight. It is simplest way to exercise your buttocks and thighs. It will give a firm curve that dramatically reshapes the bums.

No need of any special equipment. Not just flight of stairs, you can use a box that is strong enough to take your weight.


Stand facing the box or step. Place one foot on it, and push yourself up. Tap your other foot on the top and lower the back down. Repeat this with the other leg. This can be done at least ten times with each leg. Take rest, and then repeat tow times more.

If this gets easier, then increase difficulty by adding a set of dumbbells. This will increase the amount of effort that the muscles have to do.


Include a run through flight of stairs, with walking up and down. But this walking has a twist. You have to place one step right in front of the other as if to walking a tightrope.

This will also help to strengthen the muscles in your bum and make them look bigger.

Exercises have to be done consistently every day to get maximum results.

You will become more fit and the muscles will strengthen.


Repeat the routine twice a day in place of once. This will give quick results. The more you walk the merrier for your mood, health and for a curvy bum.


In order to get a big bum these natural steps.



“How to get a Big Bum”

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