How to Cure Piles! [Secrets Revealed]

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“How to Cure Piles”


How-to-Cure-PilesCuring piles is always the top anxiety for those who are struggling with the problem of piles. You must be wondering how to cure piles. Well there are some treatments lined up. Some are time-honoured and some new.

As piles set in, the first reaction is to go for over the counter medication.

These include medication that contains either corticosteroids, or low dose of steroids, and / or lidocaine, which is a local anesthetic to dull the pain.


They are applied directly onto your anus, to give both respite and contraction of the haemorrhoid itself. They are considered to be one of the simplest and more consistent methods to cure piles. They are most widely used treatments among those suffering from piles.

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But then those who are nature buffs, and wish to avoid chemical based medication, there is available natural alternatives that are as effective as over the counter haemorrhoid medication.

The natural process consists of use of plant based substances such as apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, witch hazel, and the humble tea bag. cotton-padThey are simple enough to use too. Dab the cotton pad into the liquid and apply to your anus at regular intervals. This will bring soothing effect on the area, and also help in shrinking the inflamed veins too. The tea bags can be used after being soaked in water and allowed to cool slightly. Do not use red hot tea bag on your sensitive areas.

Another successful ways for curing piles is sitting in a shallow tub of warm water in which cupful of epsom salts has been dissolved.

The salts and warm water will bring soothing effect on the area, and also help in shrinking the inflamed veins too.

By Changing the way of using the toilet you can seek to cure piles. In the set of modern toilet we tend to sit down to empty our bowels. This is considered to be the worst positions you can assume as it puts too much of strain on your rectum.

It is more natural to squat. Squatting actually straightens your rectum and makes passing stools much easier. If you are not used to it, then it will take some time to learn it.

Other ways to cure piles, include healthy diet. Yes, diet plays an important role in curing piles. Drink plenty of water and eat lots of fiber.

Thus curing piles is no more a nightmare, if one can bring timely intervention especially through natural means.





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