How to Cure Hyperpigmentation?

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Hyper-pigmentation is both troublesome and obstinate condition. It is prevalent in all races and affects both genders. It is more prevalent in people at their middle age, but even youngsters have faced its wrath.

Hyper-pigmentation is when skin appears darker. There are numerous reasons for Hyper-pigmentation. Prerequisite to hyper-pigmentation is all inclusive and meticulous analysis of your skin so that the root of the problem can be distinguished. Proper analysis will lead to better choice of treatment.


Reason for hyper-pigmentation

Types and causes of hyper-pigmentation can be classified in three main groups.

The first category falls into post inflammatory group. It affects the skin after one has suffered injury from burns, acne lesions, professional skin treatments or psoriasis.

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As the skin regenerates, the condition dies away.


The second group is Lentigines.

They are known as age or liver spots. They become more prominent as you grow old and are seen in people over sixty years of age. But they are not due to the aging process. They are the outcome of UV exposure.


The third group is known as Melasma. It is caused by hormonal misbalance and fluctuations. It is seen during the time of pregnancy, or it affects people with thyroid dysfunction.


Treatment and Cure

There are several ways to heal hyper-pigmentation. Let’s explore few common ones.

For early diagnosed cases, you need a application that contains retinoids and alpha hydroxyl acids. This needs prescription from doctor.

Both of these elements exfoliate and revitalize the skin, and are effective in the battling hyper-pigmentation. There are four types of topical application you can get and those are: azelaic acid, hydroquinone (the only approved by the FDA), kojic acid, and mandelic acid.


“How to cure hyper-pigmentation”

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Advanced form for curing hyper-pigmentation is a professional method.

This is resorted, if the topical applications fail to give any cure. Before choosing a procedure, consultation with dermatologist is a necessity. They will suggest and advise the best method for you.


Again, there are three types of procedures –

  • Intense Pulsed Light therapy,
  • Laser skin resurfacing and
  • Skin peels.


Each procedure is advised for different conditions. Thus consultation with a professional is must.

One common treatment for hyper-pigmentation is microdermabrasion treatment.

It is done in cosmetic salons. But a professional and experienced guidance of doctor is vital.


One cannot forget the safest of all treatment the home remedies.

For hyper-pigmentation, remedies include aloe vera, lemon juice, rose hip oil and sliced or puree or juice of cucumber. These are to be applied on the affected areas.

Prevention from relapse

Once hyper-pigmentation is healed and controlled, it is important to prevent it from relapsing and take the necessary precautions.


Most vital is you must limit your exposure to UV rays and spend less time outside. Do not use tanning beds.

On stepping out, always apply sunscreen. If the sun is too strong, wear a hat and don dress with long sleeves.


Medications have their own role to play, so do not forget it.

Be careful with medications that contain hormones. Hyper-pigmentation can be caused by medicaments that contain hormones. Better choose another alternative.

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