How to Get Rid of Vitiligo at Home

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“Get rid of Vitiligo at home”

Vitilgo is a skin disorder, and generally associated with weak immune system. It is autoimmune problems that start attacking the pigment cells that provides pigment to the skin.


People whose family has suffered Vitilgo are on higher risk of developing Vitilgo.

How-to-Get-Rid-of-Vitiligo-Stress, sun overexposure and illness are other factors for Vitilgo.

The early signs of Vitilgo are white patches on the skin. They are common in the areas that are exposed to the sun like the hands and arms, feet and face.

It is said that Vitilgo can also cause early graying of the hair, beard even eyebrows and eyelashes.

There are medical treatments for Vitilgo but home and natural remedies are more popular with the people.


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Sun ScreenSun-Glasses

As mentioned that Vitilgo develops in areas exposed to sun, application of sun screen is highly recommended to preempt and avoid Vitilgo.

Lotion with a factor of at least 30 should be applied before stepping out of the interiors. In summer one should apply it even indoors as sun heat penetrates the walls. This is a good way of prevention from symptoms of Vitilgo.


Cover Ups through Cosmetics


This option is best when the patches are few and scattered. Cosmetic cover ups are helpful in reducing the appearance of white patches. Self tanners are also available as an option. But cosmetic cover ups should be chosen according to the skin type.




Mustard Oil and Turmeric


Mustard Oil and Turmeric mixture is an age old option. All you need is

Organic mustard oil (250 ml) + turmeric powder (5 large teaspoons)

They are mixed in a bowl to form a paste.

This is very popular and oldest home remedies.

The paste is applied on the affected areas each day. Duration is 20 minutes. It is then washed with lukewarm water. Continue it for 20 to 25 days.

It should be done once every day at least. However twice a day is also advised.


Water from Copper Vessel

Remedy from the East – Slow but effective.

Drinking water needs to be stored in copper vessel for at least 12 hours. Best is overnight storage. But it can be done anytime. The minerals transfer from vessel to water.


Drinking of this water increases the production of melanin in the body.


Mama Cadela Roots

This is yet another remedy to focus on.

The roots of the plant are boiled for at least 15 minutes. Then take the boiled roots, cool it. The extract is to be applied on white patches each day.

Since Vitiligo is an effect of autoimmune disorder, strengthening the auto immune system is important.


Good balanced diet is vital.

Good balanced diet is vital


You are what you eat. It is a popular saying. A well balanced diet provides all nourishment that boosts immune system and the mood. The recommended diet includes grains, vegetables and fruits, proteins and dairy. Half of the grains should be whole wheat. Dairy should be 2 to 3 cups of skimmed milk.

Do not forget the good sleep of up to 8 hours.


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