Tips On Exercises to Make Buttocks Bigger

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“Exercises to Make Buttocks Bigger”


Bigger buttocks have become the recent fashion.

You do not need complex equipments as that of gym. Yes you need not walk into a gym. But surely you need to walk.

Exercises to make buttocks bigger are the fastest and effective way. It is natural too. The muscles can be enlarged safely to get curvy figure as sported by various celebrities around the world. These exercises can be included into your daily routine.

There are various exercises that can be opted to work the muscles of the buttocks.

These exercises can be done twice daily or thrice in a week depending on the regime.

Results can be noticed within three weeks if the frequency is maintained.

Results can come sooner if they are done more often.

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First choose the lunges.

To perform a lunge, start with keeping your feet parallel and apart. Take a large step forward, and bend your knees as the body lowers. Stay in that position for five seconds and come back to normal position.

This can be repeated ten times for each leg. You can alternate the legs, or do a set of ten for one leg and then with other.

Add a set of ten squats after the lunges.

To squat, stand with your feet hip width apart. Then bend your knees, while keeping your back straight. Try ten times, moving as far down as you can every time. Use the muscles in your legs to push your body back up.


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After one completed set of each movement, repeat the entire cycle two times more. This can be easily fitted into your daily routine. Once the habit is built , you will not forget or give up on the exercises.


In addition to your squats and lunges, walking is also an exercise to make buttocks bigger.

Imagine a straight line drawn in front of you or a tightrope. You have to walk over it by placing next step right in front of other. It needs great attention.

This will make the muscles compress, and strengthen both their tone and strength.

Slopes and stairs are good forms of exercise for the muscles of the bum.

More the exercise regime, the more is the bulge. The muscles get toned and you will get the shape and the size that you desire.

This causes advancement in the condition of your muscles.

So this is walking with a twist.

So walk, squat or lunge or choose more exercises to make buttocks bigger.


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