Learn How to Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally in 4 Weeks

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“How to cure hemorrhoids naturally”


hemorrhoids-removalIf you are suffering from hemorrhoids you would be feeling somewhat embarrassed and hesitate to discuss about with your friends and family. It is anticipated that around 50% to 75% of Americans will suffer from hemorrhoids or piles during their lifespan. You could be one of them.


While many of those suffering from hemorrhoids will go for over the counter hemorrhoid creams from some local drugstore or pharmacy, there are many who wish to cure hemorrhoids naturally. [Learn More…]


Let’s explore some tips.

The soreness and distress of hemorrhoids can be alleviated by changing your diet. If you have weakness for fatty foods and alcohol, you will have to drastically cut them out. Increase the intake of water and consume more fiber.

My Plate recommends that half of the grains consumed should be whole in nature.


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This gives double effect. It softens your stools, and helps in relieving the symptoms. It also augments the volume of your stools which will facilitate easy bowel movement and prevent straining when you are on the toilet.


Altering your diet is the most important thing to do to cure your hemorrhoids naturally, this method takes a few days to show results.


In the interim there are other ways that can be adopted to relieve your symptoms.

Always clean your anus thoroughly after going to the toilet.

Dampened unscented toilet paper or a baby wet wipe can be used.


Applying cold compresses also works wonders, if you soak them with natural ingredients.


Even apple cider vinegar is considered one of the most popular methods to cure hemorrhoids naturally. Ball of Cotton wool can be soaked in the vinegar and then applied to the affected area. With regular application of this method you will soon find that the swelling will subside.


Another admired remedy is application of coconut oil on the piles. This is a traditional age old remedy which has been passed over the generations and a succor for those who wish to cure hemorrhoids naturally. The method is very simple.

Simply apply directly to the skin. Repeat it until your symptoms subside. Always wash your hands before and after application. Hand hygiene is also very important.


The all wonder plant Aloe Vera also serves as great home remedy to cure hemorrhoids naturally. As with other natural methods you apply the soothing gel on the piles regularly till the uneasiness subsides and the piles vanish.











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